Loyalty rewards

VIP Rewards Program

Republic Harley-Davidson® V.I.P. Rewards offers the following benefits:

How Are V.I.P. Rewards Points Earned?

Points are earned though qualifying purchases. For every dollar you spend on Clothing, General Merchandise, Parts, Accesories, Labor and Service, before taxes, you earn 1 V.I.P. Reward point. Track your points 24/7 at republichd.com under V.I.P. Rewards.

How To Use V.I.P. Rewards Points?

Points are redeemed to a coupon (V.I.P. Bucks). The V.I.P. Bucks will have an expiration of 30 days from print date. Bring your V.I.P. Bucks to Republic Harley-Davidson® to be used toward your next purchase. Points and rewards have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for a gift card or placed on an account.

How Does The V.I.P. Rewards Program Work?

Any of our Sales Associates can assign a V.I.P. Rewards number to your Retail account here at the dealership. Points will be automatically credited to your V.I.P. Rewards account with each purchase of Clothing, General Merchandise, Parts, Accesories, Labor and Service. Points are available 24-72 hours after purchase. Returns are subjet to a deduction of points earned from the original purchase.

*Earned VIP Bucks can be used anywhere in the dealership - except the purchase of a new motorcycle.

Points Earned
500 points
$20 VIP Bucks
1,000 points 
$40 VIP Bucks
2,500 points
$100 VIP Bucks 
5,000 points
$200 VIP Bucks